Can’t Quit the RCG (End Credits) lyrics



Some girls are sweeties who will fill your life with joy
Some girls will break your heart, leave you crying on the street destroyed
But I don't like those girls (Hey, hey!)
Don't need them in my world (Okay!)
I need a special girl you don't find everyday

Don't need an overachiever
(Good girls, bad girls, I don't love them)
Bad girls are just bad news (No use, no, who)
What I'm looking for is a special class of girl who can kick my ass
Need myself a River City Girl

Last night I took my boo on a nice romantic date
And I went to pay the check and she cracked my skull with a pasta plate
Said I don't mean no harm (Oh no!)
And then she broke my arm (Just go!)
And that's the kind of charm that I appreciate

I've always got a concussion
(Please don't die, no, not for a date)
My spine's been fractured six times (Oh, geez, stop, please)
But the fastest way to this boy's heart is to take me down with martial arts
I can't quit these River City Girls
Will I survive these River City Girls?
I might just die from River City Girls
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