Nicole Scherzinger

"I Try Is Cool and All, But"

[Nicole Scherzinger & Macy Gray]
Macy, look, as your friend, I care about you and you just need to try new things, you know. (Mm-hmm.) You need to, like, discover new sounds. (Uh-huh.) Vocal sounds. (Uh huh.) To be the best artist that you could be, like (Uh-huh.) well-rounded, like Britney Spears

“I Try” is cool and all, but (Uh huh.) it’d be a cool twist, like a fresh spin on it (Uh-huh.) if you was like…

[Nicole Scherzinger, singing as Britney Spears]

I try to say goodbye and I choke, uh. I try to walk away and I [messes up words] fall — stumble

[Macy Gray]
Oh, right, right! Right

[Nicole Scherzinger]

[Macy Gray & Nicole Scherzinger]
Do you got any other suggestions? Besides (Yeah. You know who…) change my voice

[Nicole Scherzinger & Nicole Scherzinger]
…was like (Mmm?) was…like…she's. That Jagged Little Pill album is crazy

[Macy Gray]

[Nicole Scherzinger]
Alanis Morrissette
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