Cookin’ Soul

"Money Andy"

Oh, oh, ohhh
Good job Cookin' Soul
It's summertime
Oh, oh, ohhh

[Verse 1: Vocals by Anderson .Paak]
You never know 'til you finally go there
Mama told me dream big like my forehead
My wig pushed back
10 racks to get repaired
Well I guess I'm f*ckin' b*tches in knitted caps again
Skipped the baggage claim, went straight to Rodeo
Fashion week in Paris, never left the hotel
Braggin' on my swag, I'd rather let these hoes tell
And they'll wonder when I'll stop it
Your guess is good as mine man
Drip on faucet like I camе from the Oscars
Tell Chris Stamp I need more wintеrtime options
I came in and got love from the authors
You came in and got hit with foreign objects
Brick and wool on my noggin'
But I remember the time when
Back when ain't nobody love us
Back when everybody fronted
We was praying for some bad weather
Keep our pockets flooded
This was way before the hurricane but we could see it comin'
How much for a brick, if I flip?
Lately, I been wondering
Go to hell and get a job
f*ck, you n*ggas buggin'
I was made to beat the odds
Something outta nothin'
You afraid to take a loss
I lost my older brother, sister, father, auntie, cousin
I got nothin' left but y'all
I been rubik's from the jar, just
Just another jewel, b*tch
Now I got the sauce (oh, oh, ohhh)
Okay, now I got the juice, hey
(My main squeeze)
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