Hippie Sabotage


I can never do enough
They're always askin' for too much
I need to get some better luck
Need a moment to adjust
So many faces I don't trust
There's no sense in yelling man down
No one can hear me they ain't comin' around
Up to my neck when I’m gonna drown
They hear so long I had a double down (Down)

[Bridge 1]
I ain't gonna change
Was what it is
I ain't shakin' hands
For makin' amends
I’ll breakin' your chin
I came here to win
I’m killin' you sharks
I’m cuttin' your fins
I’m breakin' the silence
I'll stay with the Grim
You stayin' behind me
Forgot all my length
I came with a smile
I came here for kill
I vape as a lion
See I don't forgive
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