Concrete Boys

[Intro: Camo!]
Yeah, (Stop flexing your muscles, JRDN) uh
Go (Brrt), go (Brrt)

[Verse 1: Camo!]
Yeah, called up all the troops
Gather in, gather 'round (Us)
Let me tell you now, I’m upping the blick if you want to get down (Pffew)
He was showing that money online a year ago, must've ran out (Huh)
Some b*tch just said I look like all my cars is painted brown (Pffew)
Slide to the concrete castle, I'm havin’ a bad b*tch meetup (Yup)
Molly look like Kelly Kelly, it'll turn her to a diva (Yup)
Kickin' with my feet up, I think I'm tired of pourin' lean up (Yup)
Set up shop right here, and now your block is lookin' beat up (Yup)

I left all my chains at home, I'm still the baddest b*tch around
I still will pack that n*gga out
No guns, I'll punch him in his mouth
’Bout my green, like the PGA, know how we get down
What? Man, these b*tches ain’t on sh*t, can't wait to run ’em out
I'm tryna run up M's, I put that sh*t into my momma's house
Boo, I don’t want no opps who ain't even got a hundred thou'
I been doin' so good, I done got the whole hood proud
Both my feet on wood every time I'm at the game now
[Verse 3: Lil Yachty]
Two pints, just Teezo Touchdown'd, I'm finna pour 'em both
Geekin' off two X pills, my b*tch look like kaleidoscope
I don't trip 'bout much, play 'bout my money or pints, I gotta fold you
He such a stand up guy, how they f*ck him over?
You can't bring your b*tches outside, you know they hot and ready
My dawg can never wear a good hat, his head ain't on steady
Diamonds poppin' at you different colors, like you pop confetti
Pinned her ass down in the grass, like my name Teddy
You the type get sick and sip on tea, like you Dr. Sebi
I'm the type get sick and pour up Wock', know I need my meddys'
Molly rocks same size as jawbreakers on Ed, Edd n Eddy
I did too much for doggy, play with my name and sh*t gon' get deadly
Flaked on her, she upset with me, I bought her new edges
Book the hotel under a alias, them fans is too petty
I just swapped my banks, can't let them folks know I get busy
All these wires, deposits, hope the bank teller ain't dizzy
Speakin' of that, the only teller I f*ck with at the bank
He said what we doin' ain't cool? It's prolly 'cause he f*ckin' can't

Thinkin 'bout it, I'mma sever ties with all my opps
I was beefin' with them at my low, not at the top
You the type to see any weed and want to shop
I'm the type, if it ain't Metro Wham, then I don't want to cop
I'll fight a b*tch on every block, I'm only scared of God
I was broke in a hotrod, ridin' with the guys
[Verse 5: Camo!, Lil Yachty]
Yeah, Boat brought me a M inside a box, like it came with fries
Concrete move like the Goodfellas, but we the better guys
I made the peace sign, then stuck it in between her thighs
Fingers in both of her holes, like I was pokin' inside of her eyes (What else?)
Boat got so much Chrome on, look like the man from Wizard of Oz
My newest chain, don't hurt yo' heart, don't ask me how much it cost (Go)
My new b*tch face made me say my grace (Okay)
Like number forty-two, b*tch, I was slidin' on the base (Okay)
If her ass fat enough, b*tch, I ain't trippin' on the face (Okay)
n*gga wonderin' why he broke, ain't got no motion, I rest my case (Okay)
(Okay, It's us)

[Verse 6: Lil Yachty]
Two carat diamond bracelets, half a million, boy, I'm not playin' (Yeah)
Never connected, all of your shooters must be Asian (Yeah)
Eyes squinted, whip passed tinted, almost put out my tenants
Late on rent, trunk full of fent', my doggy so relentless
Out of my mind, feel like I could move Mayans, I'm too high (Ew)
Diamonds hittin', blue and red, dawg put his hands in the sky (What?)
You know you came over to suck di*k, b*tch, don't be shy
I let my stomach nod off 'fore I pour a cup of PAI
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