"Get Loose"

Lyrics From Snippet
Oh, ok, ay

Sneak talkin' to these b*tches
I can't see me with em
n*ggas cap thought they foo
They the one don't make a difference
Hop in that b*tch get loose
See ain't even scared of the drifting
All I love is that juice
She say I be in my feelings
Stay ten toes like Oochie
I don't [?]
Spending my soul [?]
Blue hunnids [?]
Lil b*tch [?] Mexico, he'll [?]
I'm pretty bad with the texting though, but in my face you boo
Got a few cops behind, he don't even think I peeped
In the whip ho like to drive, she put me in high speed
Let me know if its there
Nah for real, ay, hm, ay, ay look
But I already know myself
n*ggas braggin' over my health
Me and my [?] miss the [?]
[?] I gon be there
I'm from the Raq' n*ggas move [?]
And these dumb n*ggas move off air
I keep being sick of myself
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