#nomerci lyrics



(Che on the beat)

Yeah, all this ice on my neck getting colder
I'm slidin' like Cobra
I'm tryna mix the lean with soda, pour up my soldiers
You know we can't show no mercy, we taking over
b*tch, you know I'm full of Percies, I'm sliding right over
"You gon' suck this di*k for Birkin," that's what I told her
One day I'ma go get baptised 'cause I ain't living right
ARP, Gen5, and Draco, that's what I'm living like
Momma told me to slow down, but I'm just living life
She say she don't need me, I'm like, oh, that's what you feeling like?
Popped the G6 in the studio, nah, I ain't feeling right
Lil' ho wanna eat my di*k up, made this lil' ho hiccup
Bro keep sippin' Tris and Sprite, he say he nevеr gon' kick the cup
Leave thе crib at 2:00 AM to go and pick yo' b*tch up
You know it's G-L-O for short, b*tch, I'm the sickest
I done cut my f*cking toe, God damn, now I got stitches
I can't trust no f*ckin' ho, can't call no b*tch my, "Mrs."
b*tch, I'm sending shots, these n*ggas steady making disses
I ain't got to say a thing, bet I could get this lil' ho digits
She wanna f*ck inside the backseat, I made her cat leak
Put the Gen5 on an opp, he ran like athlete
Tried to cop my plead, just stop, boy, you cannot pass me
Blow that lil' b*tch on my IG, she say I'm sassy
I don't got no suit and tie on, but I'm still classy
You wanna f*ck? Okay, just ask me
Good Backwood ashing
See an opp, you know I'm crashing, that Draco blasted
He said that he gon' kill me? Haha, sh*t got me laughing
Huh, huh, huh, huh, ha-huh
We gon' show no mercy, yeah-yeah
We gon' show no mercy, yeah-yeah
Mercy sh*t, ayy
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