Bottle Blondes lyrics


Scene Queen

Tech daddies on their addys
Rollin’ down their window
Silicone Valley baddies
Paying for their tits, though
God complex, I’m the she-devil
Cheap Rolex, put the pedal to fake metal

I’ma vroom, vroom
Stompin’ on the di*k like
Vroom, vroom
You wanted to go fast, right?
Move, move
Before I hit the gas like
Vroom, vroom
And back it like this ass, right?

Bleach on bottle blondes
Fill the clip
Click click, gone
Bleach on bottle blondes
Bugatti Chiron
Throttle on

All my bad b*tches run with stolen credit cards
Playboy bunnies in the gеtaway car
They got bleach on bottle blondеs
Fill the clip
Click click, gone
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