Natasha Mosley

"90 degrees"

[Verse 1: Natasha Mosley]
Tell me what you wanna do with me baby
Top back music loud in the back
On the highway with my glasses on
Lit like a lamp
Ooh oui
Pipe down
You on me right now
And nobody ever dare to question that
That's a fact
We’re living
And I just want to have you babe
In every, every single type of way
Tell me what you wanna do with me
Just tell me what you wanna do with me

[Chorus: Natasha Mosley]
So what's up work that money
Let me know it's real gonna spend it all on me
Don’t act like that you ain't gotta prove you're in love
'Cause that don't mean nothing to me just handle me don't you wanna be
Somewhere in the breeze and all the tree feel good to me
And I still can't believe it's 9 o’clock and 90 degrees
I might let you eat it
This might not be love but it damn sure feel like love
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