Natasha Mosley


Why can't you just stay

Please don't walk away from me
'cause I can't stand it when you're leaving
You always abandon me
So promise me you'll never leave and
Why you're always tryna hide from me
Baby won't you come get in my bed one time
I just want you seven days a week
Why can't you just stay

[Verse 1]
Arguments with my boo it's true
I spend more time with my n*ggers than I do with you
But we get money
We get it out the muddy
Move across the country
??? Disrespute the joggies ???
I know you still lovе me
We seprеcated back
But I got to get to the money that's that
I want my life on track so I handle my business
Us spending time? I know you take it serious but I stay missing
In and out the house
??? Running paper rose ???
??? Another score's purse ???
I promise things 'll change
You think it 'll stay the same
You're all that I need ??? Mary J
Don't walk away
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