(MaliStrip) Rondo Montana x Ridla - Plugged In W/ Fumez The Engineer lyrics



You get me, Plugged In
It's Madara Beatz
Shoutout Fumez The Engineer
You get me, free man in LT's, free my SJ's
How is CDOT funded and where do you get your money from? The simple answer
You get me? Come on, gang sh*t, grrt, n*ggas know
MaliStrip, Murder Strip, Money Strip, b*tch
Yo, yo, f*ck all the paigons
We're the real side of Leyton, grrt

[Verse 1: Ridla]
When I head the opp block, I wanna see GM's
God knows, I'm in love with feed and skengs
Add a K to the ***, he can meet his end
And I know when he sleeps, he can see his friends
Where's their defence?
I'm in the ride controlling the back like a CDM
Was he wearing a vest?
Still got a neck and head you gem

[Verse 2: Rondo Montana]
I was beating the Glock like a J
'Till I cheated on her with the gauge
Still remember that day we met
She caught *** try slap his face

[Verse 3: Ridla]
Glide and ride, it's so naturally
Tryna catch me a casualty
Last time I stepped with the ***
That road got taped, catastrophe

[Verse 4: Rondo Montana]
Are you f*cking dumb?
I swear I made my man f*cking run
Suttin gets hurt when the LT's come
We splash and shoot black yutes for fun
Got the drop over there, ding-dong over there
Next thing, suttin done got got over there
Just bust man up like the dot-dot, over a top-top
Now she got buss in her hair
You know we ain't cappin' like ***
When I say we done murdered dons (RIP)
On the *** I been lurking on
Now I say ask *** how we turned him off
My side of the *** don't twerk like them, we slide with skengs
*** got left with holes in ***
You know the code if you f*ck with them
[Verse 5: Ridla]
She can't rock a man's bread
'Cah I'm there tryna rock a man's head
9 times outta 10, watch them boys do legs
Lil n*gga ran off, he tried make defence, but sh*t went left
He's all leaking, clothes all drenched (Ah sh-)
We don't reason, f*ck all of them
We run the whole borough, we do this sh*t thorough
Not one but ***
If you saw what we done, might vomit
Controlling waps with my darg like Gromit
Little left and we cross don't end up on bonnet
Boys in blue then I'm off like Sonic
[?] juice in the flats, man I'm first floor moppin'
Sweep it up, beef ain't stopping, gotta keep it up
Spot me a opp, we won't beat him up (Baow-baow)

[Verse 6: Rondo Montana]
On the *** I'm a opp block bully (Bully)
On the *** I'm a opp block bully
Fully I let corn fly or get jooky
We done him so young how could he? (Gang gang gang)
Surely another one working with Satan
How many times have I taped off ***?
Tapers chat online, real life they skatin'
Caught *** try run still shaved him (b*tch)
I can send on tracks, 'cah, I really send corn with waps
A savage like me can't be on the lack
Go ask the paigons, ''Who seen man crash?''
NCA on the block tryna spy on gang, but gang stay diggy
Leng-leng come way too pretty
No way she can be on the highroad with me (The f*ck?)
We put the vio' in violence, chest shot knifings
Slapped more waps than Trident
[Verse 6: Ridla & RondoMontana]
We do drills, they silent
Nonstop gliding, wet a man down while smiling
Opps see me, try hide, keep quiet
They know they're p*ssed if I seek and find them (Uh-uh)
Light him with bine, come back and try find him
We don't see attempt, but tomorrow I'm riding
Two rings up with a decoy
One's empty and one's got three toys
Don't tempt me rambos lenghty
You get drenched and I'm out like Leroy
Tape my city like JDB
Bro spot a opp he ain't waitin' on me
Four doors get popped and we're taping the scene
Say how I live, I'm a slave to the fiends
Ay, still out here tryna make a paigon drop
Turn good girl to opp thot, f*ck with ACG, I do the baker's bop
Then I fly OT from a vacant spot
Caught these shots like a keeper
No FIFA he got sprayed like cleaner
Adeola wanna roll with the Malis
She don't wanna roll with no f*ckin' geezer
*** got turned to a-
The way *** got got was yuck, yucky
I'm in ***, cut-cut on his block
When I slapped that brucky
Should've turned to a- (*cough*)
But the n*gga just way too lucky
How many been dropped like Humpty Dumpty
Still on my block I'm comfy

Fumez The Engineer
It's Madara Beatz
How is CDOT funded and where do you get your money from? The simple answer
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