Fire in the Booth 3 lyrics


Bugzy Malone

[Verse 1]
Look I built an empire and I been ruthless with it
Imagine Will Smith without Jada Pinkett
I'm Dr Dre, I do science in my lab jacket
But love just not scientific
And if I really am that prolific
And by prolific I mean if I really am the asset
Well let me be specific, if I'm the one that's gonna drive a message home through dialogue or even through a poem let me know
Right place wrong time now I'm sitting on my own
The ego's like a dog I must have give the dog a bone
On a late night motorway journey in my zone
I feel hold up, why don't I make up a cologne
Did he love me for my soul or the color of my skin
It's funny when your goal is the reason for your sin
There's room at the table but the ice is getting thin
And therefore no one's disagreeing with the king, or its off with their head, off with their head
See its never off with my head, I've already bled
People from the bottom are the people that I represent
There's only one king in the north and I'm thoroughbred
Comes with a pool and a sauna when you're killing it
Listen to the lyrics that I keep in my distillery
Had to go deep to remind these other rappers when your Fire in the Booth is the most viewed, you have to do a trilogy
Sharp like the thinking of a therapist
CEO means that you don't need a ventriloquist
Rappers sign 80 percent of their majors, in case you've forgotten what a puppet is
I was sat with Jordan B Peterson, we had a chat about some heavy psychology
He took a picture for the gram and then followed me
If David listened to Goliath, could he too have grown into a giant
f*cking Bugzy Malone
[Verse 2]
I really love them but I can't be their meal ticket
Imagine Bobby Brown if he didn't have a Whitney
I can't believe he sent his hitters out to come and get me
Have me paranoid, I'm dangerous when I'm nervous
Before the installation of the cameras, I was watching clowns like I'm looking through the curtains of a circus
I'm from the 6-1, there's always murders
So we keep the chair leaned all the way back on purpose
Why should i pull up and jump over hurdles
The crib cost just under 3 and 6 zeroes
The distance in between me and these rappers keeps growing
Because we sell trainers at Christmas
That list of all times with me in the vehicle
Hollywood I had a feeling I was a hero
I'm Robert De Niro, the spinning back fist in Operation Fortune's got me looking sub zero
I was gonna be a robber like you
I was gonna train hard, same time, plan every slight move
Organized crime correlates with my IQ
You have to be clever in a criminal endeavor
By now i thought I'd be on my toes
Instead I'm on a boat out in Monaco
I saw McGregor on the dock I had to say hello
Dons recognize dons, that's the way it goes
Thicky on the waistband that's a way of life
When i joined a gang didn't think I'd pay a price
You live with PTSD if you stay alive
You can see the souls of the fallen soldiers in my tired eyes
Choking I couldn't cry at all my tears were frozen cold
So I creeped my rivals with no emotion
Chose not to watch him die slow, I had to ghost
Please give me a couple explosions cause there's no more
Bailiffs at the back door I just spent twenty thousand on the front door
I got real marble on the table, now I'm making a fragrance
I'm gonna do the lid in rose gold
It's too late now I treat an industry like a playground
Be alone, creps always blowing up my PayPal
The House of Vision got me dreaming in the day now
In the ends a bonafide protein shake
Now the bank contacts me more than my best friend did
Abandonment issues kick in when sh*t's ended
As a kid when I was creeped out I was offended
As a young man I felt violent and tempted
To bang all my enemies until the clips emptied
Disciplined now i have selective memory
My lawyers are the best at breaking them down gently
Envy, the day i got my Supersport Bentley
My list the day they heard I was gonna be earning
Cop ish I heard his sentence is gonna be 30
Lavish, is it a mansion? I couldn't be certain
I just know there's rabbits in the garden
Every days a trip like I'm with a DMT shaman
I'm in the boardrooms, I know the business jargon
I studied all the Roman generals I'm built different
But Rome wasn't built in a day, I'm still charging
I always say please, thank you, pardon
I'm famous, but that don't mean I have forgotten
I have to thank God cause all i ever wanted was a swimming pool with my name written in the bottom
These rappers talk sh*t like we're on the same level
I'm the Headmaster, think of the lessons that I taught them
The Great British Dream when your land is like a meadow
I used to sleep on a spare bed in Higher Broughton
f*cking Bugzy Malone
[Verse 3]
Do they recognize yet? I don't know
Do they recognize yet? I don't know they might not
Look, so white, black, and brown in the ghetto that raised me
I used to wear Batman pjs as a baby
25 I bought a matte black Lamborghini back when 210 was just an eighth of my savings
Now two hundred and ten is just a trade for the trainers
An axe under the bed, 50 on my calculator
You need crocodile teeth in a pool full of gators
We lived in a crop but we didn't grow potatoes
I ran it like a shop, I had workers, wages
Bagging up we watched gangster movies from the 80s
Paid in Full had me hustling for status
New Jack City had me living hella dangerous
I've gambled with my life, but I've never been to Vegas
I jumped out with an axe, but it never made the papers
The Great British Dream broken down into stages
Stage one, make it, maintain it
Do they recognize yet? I don't know, they might not
Do they recognize yet? I don't know, they might not
Look, do they recognize yet? I don't know they might not
Listen, I put Manny on the map
This time I'll do Great Britain
f*cking Bugzy Malone
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