"Sunshine Etrnl_we’re Better As Friends"

[Verse 1: Airospace]
Sorry if I call a lot
I hope you're taking this to the heart
Because it's often knots
Tolerance is arguing in parking lots
Over parking spots
We crashed the car and locked
Eyes are strung attached
Like backs of halter tops (f*ck it)
Gassing up the Furnace
Earnest causing fault
Hands quaking and I'm gaming just to call the shots
Babe, you're mistaken; if we aching, taking breaks
Could never stake, hold me down
This hurricane is just the pain
Just let me vent
I'm drinking, then I'm seeking wind to smoke on top a creaky fence
Reconnaissance, we smoke in 30 at the parking lot (woah)
I wonder if this feeling is just overthought
Shawty got me anxious like they called the cops
Genuine eleven is just strange to talk
Apology for burden hurt is grown if not
I wonder if this feeling is just overthought

[Verse 2:Rav]
I keep overthinking
Break the page out and put the ink in
God, I hate it when the boredom sink in
Yo, I wonder if I'm more than just disorders syncing up with distorted thinking
An ignored existence
On the floor again, ignore me, I'm just quarantining, snoring
All the pleas for help I mumble in my sleep are not important
Please don't bring this moment up when we speak again in the morning
I realize too late that I say too much, and I'm sorry
So I guess it's no surprise when I'm at the point in life when I regret apologizing
Sick of lamenting most my words as I devise them
It's decided that my devices are my demise, then
There's no disguising it, I'm not okay (I'm not)
I refuse to shake a hand that ain't ever tried to help me
So help me (please)
Or get up out my way
Do y'all only speak between the lines, or am I just unhealthy? (maybe both)
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