DON’T ft Kill Bill [produced by Rick Rock] lyrics



Yo my balls so hard, dog that sh*t hurt
It go boom, boom, bow when they hit dirt
They keep getting in my way, man I can't work
Biggest nuts in the motherf*ckin' universe
R-av come through with them bars, b*tch
Blueprint for a flawless artist
Got game, got hoes, got all that
But no heart, no friends, not conscience (R-av)
While you were building sand castles
Your dad was f*cking man as*h*les
I threw Ke$ha in the water, watch that b*tch go down
(Why she floating?) Well they say that fat sh*ts don't drown
While Ye watched the thrown, this kid got crown
Took a sh*t on the thrown heard Jigga go wow
Other competition, not [?]
I'm the sickest, I'm fowl
Despicablе, wow
Your girl checking me out, two hours in
Shes drunk in thе trunk tied up with her friend
I'm the one who tatooed "Rav" on your mother's breast
Then made your mother press those f*ckin' breasts against my chest
Uh, on a narrow road
Going 200 miles an hour or so
Pulled out the wheel and I broke the brakes
Man, Rav is real all other rappers fake
No don't f*ck with me, don't f*ck with me
Don't f*ck with me, don't even try it
You don't wanna f*ck with me
Don't f*ck with me, don't f*ck with me
Don't even try it, you don't wanna f*ck with me
[Outro: Kill Bill: The Rapper]
Allow me to leave a message after [?]
Mr. Rav, now a prime in my return
From Charleston to see Johnny Derp
I see that I've got a bunch of messages
And I wasn't here, so please respond back
Um, *weird noise*
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