Crashin’ His Plane lyrics


Yagi B

[Chrous: Swervo Flocca]
Knockz In My Pants got me movin' real clutch
Knockers on Knockers who telling me what
Spin from the 4th imma up from the cut
Give a f*ck who get hit they get left in the dust (like)
Like its funny how these n*ggas changed
Can't switch cause I'm stuck it my gang
If I don't got the knock you get beat wit' a cane
Give a f*ck where you from
Give a f*ck what you claim

[Yagi B & Swervo Flocca]
And y'kno that we smokin on cane
If you run from the gun he get beat with the flame
I can't wait till I run into blockwork
Roscoe Got Poked Imma do him the same
He wearing dior I'm wеaring Dior
Sorry not Sorry But We Not the Same
Thеy like Swervo you buggin' you switchin' thru lanes
Like Keem got hit in his brain
Imma dump out the 4 so go spin with a flame
Eli got hit he got beat out his "[?]"
Mr. DumpAtYourMommy This sh*t not a game
If he up out the jet then I'm crashin' his plane

[Verse: Yagi B]
Like you gon do what stop it
Run into me imma up at his noggin'
And you know I'm promotin' the violence
And you know that my flockas is slidin'
And you know that the opps is hidin'
.23 shots and his body is droppin'

[Verse 2: Swervo Flocca]
Off a yerky this sh*t got me woozin'
K-Knocks in my Hand but its not for them goofies
I'm a 400 Demon...
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