​gross lyrics




[Verse 1: skypebf]
You're in your head, I can work it out
I can't lie, I can't fight, like I'm going back

[Verse 2: zeija]
Tell me how I'm feeling, b*tch, I'm feeling fabulous
See whom I, is ten I know, you wish you had it
Let's just play pretend with your body, I'ma cannon
I'ma f*ck it up, baby, I'm little sl*t
Super streaming b*tch, take a stupid f*cking bud
It's my wrist, I'ma do what I want
So I cut like a model, 'cause I'ma f*cking high

[Verse 3: 1stress]
Cut you off, baby, yeah, I'm everything f*ck your ass
Suicide, I know that you really wanna f*cking die
Realize, how you f*cking funny for attention
Your boyfriend is a fake, and you can't have my vision
Yeah, you're trying to pick me up a leash
And you already know, you know that I'm the best sh*t
[Verse 4: 6arelyhuman]
Can't your bofriend on the leash, like how's it taste, b*tch?
Go-Go-Go and switchblade, I'm giving you all facelift
Screaming uot in G sticks, like we in aces
You say my music chance, but you don't know the basics
Yeah, you took it off the cash swear, I saw some cake tags
All these haters mad on my mutherf*cking game (Yeah)
They say it's tough, like you're skinny, and I don't even know where you're going
To get out my of ways this (Ways this)
You can hear the lights out (Lights out)
Yeah, you can hear the lights out
Ah, Aaah, Ah, Ah
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