Goalkeeper lyrics


Playboi Carti

Verse 1: IShowSpeed

Get down for your team get down for your team
Dive down on your knees dive down on your knees
Get down for your club get down for your club
Go through the field in the mud through the field in the what?
Man you lettin’ through goals left right boy you better not sell
Man what is you thinkin’ I’m muscular no Caseoh I don’t wear 100XL
Man I ain’t kill no Alaskans nor Koreans every time I jump around
Boy what is you thinkin not hittin a bulk is you serious right neow?

Verse 2: Playboi Carti
Uh, what the f- you thinkin
Why the f- you stinkin
Man that b- goal keepin
Uh, why the f- you geekin
Drugs makin you tweakin
Minecraft, up on beacons
Woah, this my body this my blood
Who da f- is you ain’t my blud
I ain’t gettin in the mud
Eat you up like it’s milk duds
Woah, what? What? Hol’ up hol’ up what?
Woah, what? What? Hol’ up hol’ up what?

Verse 3: IShowSpeed
This ain’t no skеtch, my brother this a piece of art
KC lil b- my brothеr he don’t bark
Dissing my own dawgs who I be chill wit
Who I secretly don’t like and I think they just loud b-
I’m a monkey I’m a gorilla
Ooh Ah! Ah! Ha!
I’m a real boy ooga-booga
Keep it low meow like a cougar
Meow! Ha! Ah!
Sittin on yo couch with two of ya own girls
Mmm! Ha!
Verse 4: Playboi Carti
What? You called me what?
Called me who? Call me what? Fool?
Abide by the rules? What? See them you drool?
That’s cool? What? I know that butter that smooth?
Uh huh, I’m gettin a f- bad connection
Chasin the f- bag I’m winnin
It’s a festival with the fort all night dont mess with my art I be dissin
Wo! Huh? What, I’m own all you stand on
I own allat, I own the business you talk on
That money you made I walk on
I stand on it, and I stand tall
You know I’m ballin, hang up the phone! What?

Outro: Playboi Carti
What? What? What? What?
Goalkeeper hol up hol up oh my god he keep it woah
Who what?
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