Playboi Carti

"Add It Up (Bag)"

[Intro: Lil Uzi Vert & BigOnIce Trap]: Yeah my money (ice.), my money looking like honey Coming with nuuuny
[Interlude: BigOnIce Trap:] man I'm rich not a crip (hahaha) n*ggas think I'm funny well Imma kill Em b*tch LOOK OUT AHHHH PLAYBOITYLIBIG b*tch!
[Chorus: BigOnIce Trap] Aye I Got Money, yeah they looking honey people say I'm "your super funny." Nah im coming like bunny
[Verse: Playboi Carti:] Yeah, yeah bunny I'm looking at my money's yeah, I'm looking drunny, hunky or manny man, I'm gunny
[Verse 2: BigOnIce Trap:] And Yo b*tch want me (I'm not single, girl) I'm looking at Em bunny I'm like tunny I'm a looker u a cooker
[Interlude: Tyler The Creator] is you Real, Is You Real Cause We For Real I ain't got a verse but I'll hit it like this
[Verse 3: Lil Uzi Vert] Night, night, high high look like, diamonds on my neck, like I-I-I
[Outro. BigOnIce Trap] it's my gang, gang, gang, bang

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