Playboi Carti

"CANCUN FREESTYLE (Carti X Scene X Chalky)"

[Intro: Simple]
Mmm, mmm, these waffles are f*ckin' delicious

[Verse 1: Playboi Carti]
f*ck  around with them bills
f*ckin'  on your thot, we in Cancún
Hittin' on this thot, and I know I do (What?)
Hittin' on this thot, and I know I do (What?)
f*ckin'  on your thot (What?), and I know I do (What?)
Gucci  sneaks (What, what?), Prada bag
Number (N)ine, red rag (Yeah)
White  gold, Piguet (What, what?)
I f*cked that bih, you better not forget (Ooh)
Diamonds on me came from Elliot
Money jumpin' off the building like a bih
Money  jumpin' out the building like a bih
My stummy hurt, my stummy hurt
My stummy hurt, ehh

[Verse 2: Scene]
Aye, cash on me
Eeh, yeah
f*cked up, f*ck Nope he's a fat f*ck
Chop a n*gga [?] up
You don't run it up, [?]
f*ck Nope, that's a b*tch
Ice, aye, on my wrist

[Verse 3: Chalky]
Yeah, Nope, ya' mama so- (Uh)
You look like Grimmace, b*tch, Chalky a menace (Yuh)
Shoutout Shogani he cooked on the stove (Aye)
Nope you look like a nucleus, full of electrons and neutrons
Cheeseburgers and french fries
Yo' b*tch, yeah, she mine, Toothsauce get this tooth suck (Uh)
Interpolate boobie like, "Hello" (Huh)
You banned me from everything and called me a liar
I love you Scizor, give me Love (Interlude), please man
Please God, I just wanna listen to Love (Interlude), man

[Outro: Simple]

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