"Come Play"

[Intro - Abstract]

Hey what´s up everybody, it's uh Abstract, B-Train and uh Lil Godd here to f*ck your b*tch. Haha, nah,  I'm just playin'

[Verse 1 - Lil Godd & (?)]
Yeah I've been rollin' through streets [i've been rollin' through this motherf*cking streets]
(?) I'ma go extra hard [huh, yeaah, eyyy I'm about to go extra hard]
I'ma get this turn, I´ma get this (?)
I'ma have som fun, we´re gonna have some f*cking fun
We can party in the sunlight [in the sunlight]
Heey we don´t wanna f*cking fight
Yeah, eyyy, just enjoy the time, (?)
Showing n*ggas Lil Godd
Are you a motherf*cking (?)

[Verse 2 - B-Train]
Straight, b*tch
Show up to the party and these bithces screamin' "B-Train"
Wanna have my baby they don't even know my real name
If u wanna switch up on me - go and grab the switchblade
Ain't afraid to kick u in ur sh*t ey, like I'm Liu Kang
Yeah, and I'm paranoid, gotta chop in
In the back there ain't no random noise
I'm an animal
Drinking in this b*tch and we all a bunch of cannibals
Rolling with them b*tch boys homie we ain't f*ckin' fan of those
Yeah, wanna run ur mouth Kylie get ur Wesker down
Me and all my teammates we just lurking when the sun comes down
Yeah, we don't fight fair
Nah, u might die here
But u win the trump just so I can avoid the fight fair
Yeah, I've been thinking
I've been drinking up enough somewhere
Flyin' on these b*tches that have the time to think I care
Yeah, I don't give a f*ck
Nah, I don't give a f*ck
If u want some beef then this pistol get u tummy tuck

[Verse 3 - Abstract]
I can't feel my face man
I can't face it, I don't know
All these (?) they run around claiming cool calling me "bro"
But there ain't no blood in relation
Suffocation no retaliate
Only segregation on my diamonds I reiterate
That girl she (?) how she acting I ain't feelin' it
Pull up like I'm Chris Brown then I'm f*ckin' hittin' it
Think I lost my mind except I only lost my innocence
I'm one step ahead so y'all refer to me in future tense
Please (?)
Got a pretty white chick and I'm getting the digits
When she (?) my flow and she see I'm spin
Like it's Minecraft you know she dig
Look what the suicide towards I swing

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