Pretty Slowly lyrics


Benson Boone

Lyrics From TikTok Live

Oh, I remember how you were
You were every shade of perfect
And then the colors blurred
And you'll never love me like you did
You'll never love, you'll never love me like you did (Mhm)
And I see your ghost from time to time
When I'm driving through the Rockies
And I feel this little knife in my heart and it bleeds me out
I don't wanna love, I don't wanna love you now
Oh, I hate that I'm so damn sure that lеaving you is right
I set myself on something to lеave it all behind
But ooh
I leave it all behind
Oh, how come all the best things fall apart?

And it started pretty slowly
Oh, and you asked about the old me
Oh, is he gone? Oh, is he gone?
No I don't know
I think I left him somewhere I no longer go
And I want you run away now
From all the lovely things we hate now
Where did you go? Where did you go?
Oh, I don't know
But I know it feels like somewhere far away from home
And it's falling into pieces
Nothing's gonna wait if we can't stop this now
One thousand miles an hour we're driving off the edge
Ain't coming down there's nothing left
And it started out so slowly
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