Citizens (U.S.)

"Everything for Nothing"

Head, up in the clouds
Wings of an eagle, heart of a coward
Under a spell, take down the teacher
Put on the crown
Gather the gold
Well, I did what I wanted
Spinning out of control

But when, I give all I have in vain
It doesn't matter what I build if it crumbles down anyway
And though I rise up before the day
I'm doing everything for nothing just to prove I got what it takes
But it's fake, I fade

Hand, tight to the plough
All for some pleasure
But it's wearing me down
Lulled by a lie
Won’t find something better
Then what’s already found

But it’s fake, I can’t escape
I’m getting tied up, I want to give up
I don’t wanna fade, can’t be erased
I gotta open up, gonna give you all my love, everything it takes
I don’t wanna fade, I don’t wanna waste anymore
I’ve opened up my hands, you got, it all
I don’t wanna fade, cause when I fade, I’m falling faster and faster

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