Is Ya Ready lyrics


SugarHill Keem

Grrah, grrah
Everything dead
Grrah grrah grrah
Move, look, ahh, ahh

[Verse 1: Sugarhill Keem]
Smoking on Blay stupid n*gga [?]
You alright? Something is wrong
Totin' on Move, so you better run
See Dougie put him in a blunt

[Verse 2: BlockWork]
EBK b*tch you feeling like Melly
b*tch get shot cuz' I'm totin' on Kelly (Kelly)
We don't beef with no rats and I'm talking bout [?]
Dougie got shot on his way to a teli

[Verse 3: Sugarhill Keem]
Cblu, I'm looking for you, I said Dougie we lookin' for you too
Smoking y'all deads they gettin' it too
I'm smoking all deads

[Verse 4: BlockWork]
And you not the king of The Bronx what the f*ck is you on?
The sh*t you be sayin' be fake in ya songs
I'm not a rapper, I smoke ya mans put his in a song (Lotti)
[Verse 5: Sugarhill Keem]
I said what I said
Big EBK imma knock off his head
I'm Mr. Movelook, I'm smoking ya deads
Ya b*tch wanna rump tell her get on the bed

[Verse 6: BlockWork]
Two twin Glocks totin' Brittany and Becky
No cap, you wanna up better pop like confetti (Grrah grrah grrah)
n*gga how you my opp and you never met me? (n*gga)

(What the f*ck is you talkin' bout?)
Grrah grrah grrah

[Verse 7: Sugarhill Keem & BlockWork]
I'm a demon we smoking on all deads
We spin the opps with like four techs
And these n*ggas is never outside, I'm a demon just look at my eyes (Grrah grrah boom)

Me and Block we totin' on KJ
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