Hell Kitty lyrics



Said if you can't take it, you can go to hell
That sh*t ain't on the phone it's on the scale
[?] brought a rope, they in the well
Ain't no tricking i'm the dopest in the mail
I know my bro don't trust a soul I don't as well

Yeah I just pay my rent, dance em off as well
Yeah she do Margelia, she be bougie in Chanel
Yeah I need an immy, f*ck an asian, f*ck a dell
Yeah might buy some glizzies for my n*ggas in the fizzy

I need that bread and I ain't waiting on a deal
'Kay i'm not as friendly, i'm impatient for the mill
In retrospect when they be hating n*ggas still
Aye don't disrespect me we be breaking in as well
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