Zest (Better Than Sex) [From the Netflix Series, Cooking With Paris] lyrics


Paris Hilton

[Intro: Voiceover]
Cooking with Paris
It's a delight!

[Verse: Paris Hilton]
Wanna cook with me?
Shut up and listen
Grab some glitter
Let's get in the kitchen
They key to cooking is
Taking risks
Come over tonight
Let's Netflix and Whisk

[B-Section: Paris Hilton]
Time to take a bite of Heaven
When life gives you lemons

[Chorus: Paris Hilton]
Make Zest!
Zest zest zest
It's the best best best
Better than sex
Make Zest!
Zest zest zest
It's the bеst best best
Bettеr than sex
[Outro: Paris Hilton]
Hey Siri, what's "zest"?
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