FEDERAL !! lyrics



She said we move too
Fast okay
I take it slow
Celly out the mo they
Wanna smoke (smoke)
My dro (my dro)
She wanna wear my coat
Wanna wear my hat
We turnt up in the
You in the front where it’s too pacced
You can’t even walk
Why would I buy section?
Yeah we enter through the rear
We walk in with our weapons
Them b*tches see us stepping
Ohhh they wanna step
It’s celly s. lopresti
BHM the gang I rep
The stash house in the Fort
That apartment
They tryna catch my movement
They need the whole department

Call the feds
You know my pacc is federal
It’s celly ho I upsd’s it it’s on schedule
You ain’t gotta count it
b*tch it’s there
How did I go bald
But got yo hoe all in my hair
My shirt is very rare
I’m sitting in my thinking chair
With them n*ggas over there
Why yall like to stare?
Oh you the boss
Getcho mans
Don’t wanna air this hoe
Out beefin
Fuccing up my plans
It’s 3 hoes in my crib my rn
I like my sh*t four ways
Yeah she really feeling celly
Say she’ll succ my dicc for daze
I know that crime pays

That’s why I do it
Group chat full of stains and plugs
But I got that hoe muted

What’s a goon?
I’m hella ruthless
Where is celly where the boof
Where is celly the booth is?
They know what the truth is
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