FLEX SUM lyrics



I'm fit as a fiddle (FITTED!)
I like my blunt with grabbs in the middle (YEAH!)
All them subs is a riddle (UH-HUH!)
Why throw a sub when you got a missile? (b*tch!)
Why look at the missile? (LOOK AT IT!)
Why look at the missile you know its gone tickle (FUNNY)
Big tommy: No Pickle (BIG TOMMIE)
I'm from the dirt you know I'm gon' dig you!
I came from a lot, (A LOT!)
I ain't no b*tch get it from my pops (UHGHHH)
And that's till I rot (OKAY!)
I get a check Nike check on the socks (NIKE!)
I'm flexing and flashing I'm eating Italian (EATING ITIALIAN)
You lost your rank - For f*cking with a captain (b*tch YUH YUH YUH YUH YUHHH)

Flex some'!
All these little n*ggas tryna flex some'
Looking all around for the best one
Looking for the comp I ain't got none

Uh wait
I like my medium steak
Besides all that got a lot on my platе
b*tches is mad cause I gave 'еm the shake
It's not my fault you pay Eighty an Eighth (WAIT)
I needed some new beginnings, now I'm the sh*t like my grandmama chitins
Now I talk sh*t and I'm dripped on the mentions
I stole this sh*t from another dimension, wait
Mak is my name and I'm cleaning my plate
I got 623 branded so I'm facing eighths
It's just me JXY and TXXLEY, we all counting cake
How my plug black but that n*gga name it be Nate
Came out the country and they call me mate
I lay low now cause I got me my little bae
And miss married Mak cause my forces are all black
So I don't need no strap and I walk out the back!
You think I cap? But I be Snapple facts and I f*cked up this track and I ripped out her tracks
You wanted her back but she on me like crack
Sent me nudes through the snap and I showed the whole trap
Balling like Shaq but these n*ggas is hacks and its and-1 when I'm going straight to the plate
n*ggas gone hate I let 'em hate look at the rates get the f*ck out my face.......b*tch
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