OG Kid Frost

"Frost Interlude"

[Kid Frost's Interlude:]
Yeahh ... Hahh
Nah man, all i'm saying is that sh*t's crazy now man
Nock is tripin' you know just the other day man i was, you know Rollin' down the 710 to like Long Beach man
Like I had to go hook with this homeboy right
And man I seen some crazy ass sh*t go down man
I seen this fool get his car jacked right infront of me dawg
I mean they just walked up to him you know
"Get out the sh*t" Bam! you know that was it you know
You never know whats gonna happen man
Some crazy sh*t could just pop you know, you walking in the store you know, I wanna get a--
And next thing you know bam! You know, your sh*t gone
And you just sitting there looking man night time man
Night time especially man crazy sh*t be going down man
Thats why man if you weak dawg you know, you gotta rely on them killer instincts and if you ain't got em then
You might not be around You just might be gone
Take it from me homeboy Cus I done seen alot of sh*t go down
As this world spins round and round and round and round and round and round and round...
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