Daddy issues lyrics



Tell my father that i love him ion do all that enough

Hope my dads decision making ain't hereditary
All the feelings kept unsaid, are gone dead and buried
This is way worse than scary
Afflictionary conversations that had left me hurting
Busy contemplating all the moments that we could have cherished
I can only imagine
What it's like to have some parents who could build a family
Atleast my sister can remember when she had a daddy
That's just something I can only fathom
Ain't no happy endings
On my side
A decade and a half you see that you wasted time
Was it coz of your ego or was it coz of your pride?
Couldn't see the worth in my momma you see it now?
But still I love you to death and still imma make you proud

I get you leaving my momma but how were you leaving me?
Leaving me with my momma and starting a family
Left me feeling unwanted
You took and left me for granted
Regardless you are my father
I'm choosing to live in peace

How are you this oblivious this is affecting me
Dealing with my abandonment issues anxiety
But mom had raised me with morals and told me to be king
I can't hate you for what you did. I can love you for what you is

Tell my father that I love him ion do all that enough
I wrote this song with a heavy heart
Foriging for words that I can use to express myself
To tell you I'm not okay it's affecting my mental health
I don't know how to say it so I put it on instrumentals

This year you didn't call me on my birthday I remember
You said you were too busy. You blamed upon the weather
For the next couple hours my brain was just super scartterd

Question roaming my mind
Maybe I wasn't worth it
Maybe I should remind him, maybe he had forgotten
Stop ignoring the signs, he doesn't love you, I'm honest
Maybe you could be right
Daddy always been toxic
Maybe I'm being too petty there's people with bigger problems
People don't know their daddies atleast I do know my father
I don't wanna those kids who really take em for granted
I know that the n*gga loves me. He shows me that when he hugs me

Tell my father that I love him I don't do all that enough

Moment of silence
All of us have demons but really we choose to hide it
Wondering where I'd be if daddy hadn't left momma
Can't cry over spilled milk. You did what you did I love ya

Tell my father that I love him ion do all that enough

Maybe I'm being too petty you know?
Maybe like- Maybe like my issues ain't really issues and I'm just looking for a reason to have issues
But whatever
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