Dead Gz lyrics


Kenzo Balla

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Charlie Charlie
You know Rah Rah, we smoke him a lot (Rah Rah)
He lacked in the cab, and got hit in his top (Like, what)
Spot me a Gzzly, watch his body drop (Body drop)
We gon' clean a n*gga wit' the mop, like
Lotta n*ggas took shots to the head (To the head)
Lotti, Beans, Hef, dead (They dead)
Know some n*ggas that wish that they fled
Rell, Bobby got hit in the head (Got hit in the head)
Catch him slipping while he off the meds
Get right up on him, send shots to his neck (Like, what)
Wit' my ootas, we do it the best
If we on the mission, a opp gettin' left (a opp gettin' left)
In the T's, where the f*ck Lil Tdot? (Where he at?)
If I catch him, I'm letting the heat fry
Get right up on him, letting extra three flock
Makk keep on coming, just me and my Ewokk (Grrah, grrah-grrah, boom)
How the f*ck you was living in every crib?
n*gga, you never been to the rock (Never been to the rock)
Dayroom n*ggas keep rappin' what they don't live (At all)
All these cappin' rappers need to stop, like
Grab the Hookah, and do him like Hef
Don't got the Knocks, we gon' beat him to death (Beat him to death)
You was cappin', you ain't ever step (At all)
Especially when you took one to the chest, like (Like, what)
What the f*ck, why n*ggas lying? (Lyin')
We all living while these n*ggas dyin' (Dyin')
Grab the knock, get to firing
You not gon' flock, get the drop, then I'm slidin' (I'm sliding)
Dead Gz, Folks in my spliff (GDK)
Woo, Von, can't forget the Nick (Can't forget the Nick)
Spin the Garvey, I'm totin' my sh*t (I'm totin' my sh*t)
Spot me a Glizzy, I'm blowing this sh*t, like (Blowing this sh*t)
Still outside wit' the pole in the fifth (Pole in the fifth)
If opps try to spin, we gon' throw out the whip (Throw out the whip)
Let if off, watch the pole on my b*tch, we yelling, she buggin', she throwing like six, like (Throwing like six)
Ayo, Sha Gz, get off my di*k (Get off my di*k)
You a bum, you dirty and sh*t (Dirty and sh*t)
n*ggas never could match my drip (At all)
You ran on Woo Lotti, why you trynna diss, like
Spot a Polo n*gga, i'ma boom (I'ma boom)
We gon' send his body to the moon, like (Send him to the moon)
What the f*ck did you do?
You only one shot, you get put on the news, like

*Lyrics from snippets*

Lotti, wit' the Matt, both of them n*ggas got poked they back
In the hill, I'm lookin' where they at?
We hit his stomach, and watch him collapse
Who that? don't lack,[?] Leave his body flat
Tried to run
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