Otr freestyle part 2 lyrics


TG Flockaa

Graah, graah
Graah graah, boom
Graah, graah, graah

They don't know what a n*gga done been thru
They don't know what I can and I can't do
You my brother, then I'm ridin' with you
Ain't no second guessing you know what we've been thru
Fightin' cases, with the bros
Ion gotta wake up and go pick up that phone
Bailout gang, made it home
I'm just tryna see the same for all the bros
Most my n*ggas is fighting some real sh*t
Situation that they gotta deal with
Poppin' these perkys, Ion feel sh*t
Wishin' I could go back to a lil' kid
Wishin' I could just start all over
Now a n*gga just hate when he sober
I can feel these demons gettin' closer
Yea we had a friendship but that sh*t is over
Back to the old me, Ion know you
Social distance, b*tch likе corona
And you know that a n*gga be high
So I rather just talk when I'm sobеr
Where you at? I just wanna hold ya
She like "TG you really need closure"
My response was "I'm bipolar"
Nineteen, whole lotta weight on my shoulders
Fight me, you better come with your toaster
I'ma make a movie once it's over
If he try to run then we runnin' him over
Chase slide up, pick me up in the Rover
n*ggas out thinkin' life is a game
n*ggas only do sh*t for the fame
Better cut out your heart and start using your brain
Y'all can never beat me 'cause we ain't the same
I be coolin', sippin' wock
Everybody can wait 'till they catch em a flock
If you run up on me, throw shot after shot
Just watch, how many bodies gon' drop
Move wock, I'ma just get out the block
Get back, y'all lost too many guys
f*ck a chain, just get up and slide
Bro died, like where the f*ck is the-
We 'boutta go to their side
First one that we see, no longer alive
Like everything dead, every opp gotta die
You ain't ballin for jb dont come to this drive
Hell no, I ain't feelin' they vibe
She's chills with the opps i done flicked on they side
[?] I ain't tryna die
When is really lit you gon' see who gon' ride
I told Mezzy ''I ain't lettin' up''
Talkin on jb I don't give a f*ck
Talking on jayrip we gon' send you up
If you mentionin' Nazzy n*ggas know what's up
Free the bros locked down, really miss 'em
Got me wishin' that I was like with them
f*ck that, y'all gotta get out the system
Opps keep dying, I ain't going with them
Ayo kenzo, what's the vibes
You know you my brother for you I'ma slide
Yo [?], I put that sh*t on the guys
If anyone touch you them n*ggas gon' die
Yo Chase, anyone droppin' the Five or the sev
On bro they ain't leavin' alive
Yo ray, you gotta stay on the grind
'Cause you gotta son can't waste no time
Like wait
Ayo blick, you my brother ain't changin' for sh*t
Hop out, quick draw by the whip
And it's still free PDot he ready to blitz
Still free JDot he been on that sh*t
Still free WestDot, wish you was here
Still free Kay Flock, n*ggas be scared
First day in the spot we was playin' they tears
Scapple tucked, don't you dare
'Cause I'm ready to pop cut off your ear
Like wait, what the f*ck you did
n*ggas always talk about sh*t they ain't did
Like wait, always rappin' 'bout sh*t they don't live
Pop me a perky, get in her ribs
Too tact, no way can't lack over here
If you not from here go back over there
Poppin' these perkys, under pressure
And knocks in my pockets [?]
I told my n*ggas we stickin' together
I ain't never switch, n*gga never
I'm just focused on becoming better
n*ggas be hatin' on me, it's whatever
Late nights in the Rov' I was drivin' home
Always had to pack a Beretta
And I know I'ma flock on whoever
Two bad b*tches I f*ck 'em together
And I told you that I'ma be here
So I ain't really nun to pick
Give a f*ck they say, Ion't care
I'ma f*ck you all night while I'm pullin' your hair
You my baby, I ain't playin' fair
n*gga everything dead, that's on bro Ion't care
Graah, gang
Gang gang gang
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