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Rx Papi & Gud

Told my momma I'd quit but I still ain’t done
Told my momma I'd quit but I still ain't done
Real Rx

I’m calling for her while she's calling for me
I'm looking for her like she's looking for me
I'm dreamin' about you everytime I'm asleep
I'm losing my mind tryna find how to get some
Told my momma I’d quit but I still ain’t done
It's a feeling I love, I don’t wanna give up
Got a lot on my mind, I mean way too much
Sometimes I don't even like waking up
When I'm grinding, house sweating, and shaking up
I'm a real deal sipper, can’t make it up
I wasn't born with no money, had to make me some
They ain't gonna give it to you, I'm taking something
I don't like having all this sh*t in my head
I black out everytime I lay in my bed
Doc tried to tell me to take some meds
If it ain't a perc, I ain't taking sh*t
On so much drank, I can't take a sh*t
These n*ggas talk too much, sink the ship
I walk in this b*tch like it is what it is
You better not put your hands on my sh*t
Fill my cup to the top with sip
Now I'm drooling on my bottom lip
Almost crashed the Audi on my fifth attempt
This the fourth Audi, ain't that 'bout a b*tch?
Where in the hell can I find some rest
Half a cup later, couldn't feel my legs
Crying on the nightstand, on the side of my bed
They said that boy crazy, gon' cause his own death
My momma told me I drink too much
My b*tch don't like it, she thinks it's disgusting
I told my momma, "You think too much"
See my folks when I pick up every cup
I told my b*tch, "You don't understand"
I drink and refill this b*tch again
She like, "Here you go with that sh*t again"
As bad as I am on tour, I just can't quit
When I'm alone, she callin' my name
Tried to hold back even when falling for days
I blocked the number, I ain't call her for days
But it's only so long I can stay away
I f*cked around, blocked that b*tch call
Soon as I did, that's when that b*tch called
I'm pulling up on you, it's me and my dawgs
I don't care what you got 'cause I'm needing it all
Had a perc on my tongue, it ain't even dissolve
Five fifteens left and I'm eating them all
I don't suggest nobody to be on what I'm on
You ain't from where I'm from so you ain't on what I'm on
I walk in this b*tch like my name Ramón
Since a boy, poppin', been bad to the bone
Seen a bunch of sh*t in my life that was wrong
Grown ass man, know my rights from wrong
My days was hard and my nights was long
All I had was styrofoam
'Member when I picked up my first cup
I drunk too fast, sh*t had me stuck
Only thing I like fast is my Audi
Other than that, could you slow down for me?
I like to buy my sh*t chopped and screwed
I walk in this b*tch chopped and screwed
I pour a four in a Mountain Dew
I'm the king of Mount chopped and screwed
Long live that n*gga DJ Screw
I walk in this b*tch, I don't want to
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