In My Mood lyrics


Yus Gz

(Chee on the beat)
Every opp shot

Ok, hurd he done
Chii dead and they still ain't do none
Gotta beam on a drum, just in case if he run
n*gga dumb, don't reach 'cause you don't gotta gun
Leave him done, like If I boom ain't no way they could run
Where he from, like if he say the wrong thing he get turn into runts
WRD to bro, opp that she got beat and got punched
b*tch tryna get her sum' di*k, she dumb
When we spin, don't run, they be duckin' the gun
Lil Mabu a b*tch and I know where you from
I just brought a new Chop, put the beam on a drum
You a kid when I see you, you done
Duc 5 got kick, tryna get 'em and run
Graa, Graa
Face of the Bronx, n*gga know what I do
EBS all them shots that I threw
E4RAH till I die and I put that on Woo
Get the clickin', the beam on the toll
I ain't gon' lie, WRD to bro, they got me in my mood
Up first knocka see him and shoot
Get the blitzin', gone throw at his crew
Graa, Graa
Mabu dirty, you a b*tch
WRD to bro, you ain't takin' that risk
WRD to bro, you don't know what's a stick
New opp died in the sta don't trip (Chii)
Finger itchin', I'm clickin' this sh*t
Up the pole, I ain't feelin' this sh*t
Beam on a scope, who invented this sh*t
Like what, Graa, Graa
I'ma creep, I like bendin' like spinnin' on feet
Like, that's a opp right there and I peep
WRD to bro, don't lack thinkin' sh*t is sweet
I'm on my dolo, don't need me no V
They see my face and they runnin' from me
Opp spotter like what
They ain't do sh*t, put they mans in the blunt
Top Shotta like what
Put the beam on the drum, b*tch I'm comin' in clutch
Paramedics go and pick him up
Talkin' on bro, would leave your body stuck
How you EBS, who did you touch?
Scottie gone back out the knocks in a rush
Up first knocka, throw 10 plus
Bro gone oot 'em and turn 'em to dust
We smoke Bobby, that n*gga punch (Bobby)
I ain't actin', I do all the stunts
Like beam on his ligament, turn him to lunch
When we spin, don't front
Dump, hit 'em, leave his body done
Oota all black, all you see is the gun
Hurd he dead over arrival, I knew it would come
Nazzy Rippy, like Bobby a bum
I'm the face of the Bronx I'm the one, don't run
Ooter go dumb, he gone send him a tun
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