SUCKS TO BE YOU (Voicenote) lyrics



Easy enough
So it sucks to be you?
I think it's like a sort of blue balls song, you know? (Yeah)
Like a, you know
Like a, I don't know, you've, like, yeah
Like you've sort of, like, worked someone up and you're like
You thought you were gettin' something
Like, aw, sucks to be you
Like, why'd you get your hopes up so high, you know? Cheeky

This could be us, but you be playin'
And messin' 'round then gettin' wasted
While I am home alone waitin' for you
You could spend your money on me
But you spunked it all on weed
Now I'm on my ones with dinnеr for two
So, guess I'll go and find me somebody nеw
Oh, it sucks to be you, ooh
I'll guess I'll go and find me somebody new
Oh, it sucks to be you
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