"(You’ll Never Amount To Anything If You Don’t Go To) Collage (A Fortuitous Concatenation Of Events)"

[Part 1: I Know How To Rock]

[Intro: John Lee Hooker]
You can make a rock singer
One of you try'na make a rock singer
Haha, a rock--but not a blues singer
What are you try'na make a rock sing-
All the same, it's all the same
It's just a different groove, blues is all the same 'cause-'cause it all comes from the blues

[Verse: John Lee Hooker]
I know how to rock, I can rock you all night long
I know how to rock, I can rock you with a'one steady rope
I can let you down so easy, you'll have to holla' "Ho, got-dog"

Said rock me, rock me like a rocking chair
Oh rock me, rock me, rock me like a rocking chair
I know how to rock you mama, I can rock you all night long

[Part II: Nothin' But The Best]

[Verse: John Lee Hooker]
When I start to love it, I can love you all night long
Got-dog, when I start to loving you
Nothing but the best
And later for the rest
Take your garbage
To the city dump
'Cause I don't want it
We are doin' the boogy
They call me the king
They call me the king of the boogy
Hey, hey!
Now, mama
I'm gon' go now
I'm gon' leave you
But I'll be back

[Part III: The Scratch]

How you like that beat? (It sounds good)

[Verse: Joe c*cker]
Woman is crazy, but she's lovin' somebody else
Me I'm crazy, period
I don't want to hear nobody
Even playin' notes, on anybody else's instruments
Unless they don't vote
I can't stand that lamb pie
It give me headaches all the time
And now he wants my
Livings! Haha
It's a dark song, ain't it
Till I, feel so easy!
I couldn't care less if it rains, in the studio!
Somebody, sold me a bucket, and I gave it them back
And I said do what you want with that, ha
Leave my movies is good for the head!
It sure did hurt [?]
Oh yea!
Lovin' it!
Who's paying for the time?

[Part IV: Sally Mae]

[Verse: John Lee Hooker]
I'm gonna leave you Sally Mae, I hate to say bye, bye, bye
Fair you well, fair you well, I hate to see you go
You a no good woman, Sally Mae, and the cows won't mow you down

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