Girl of Constant Sorrow lyrics



I am a girl of constant sorrow
I've had troubles all my days
I bid farewell to old Kentucky
The place where I was born and raised

My mother dear, I hated to leave her
Mother dear, she now is dead
Oh yes I have to go and leave her
So my children could have bread

Oh yes I know you all a-wonderin
What the miner's eat and wear
A breakfast we had bulldog gravy
And our children's feet go bare

Yes for breakfast we eat bulldog gravy
For supper we eat beans and bread
The miner's don't get any diner
And tick of straw to call a bed

The company store won't give us credit
So we are a-hungry now
Oh yes I know I have to leave you
We will get along somehow

Oh yes kind friends I have to leave you
And bid you all goodbye
Oh yes I know you all are hungry
But my darling friend's don't cry
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