Gypsy Davy lyrics



Late last night my lord came home
Askin about his lady
The only answer that he received
"She's gone with the Gypsy Davey
Gone with the Gypsy Dave"

Well saddle for me a buckskin horse
My hundred dollar saddle
Point out to me their wagon tracks
And after them I'll travel
After them I'll ride

Well he rode and he rode in the midnight moon
Til he saw the campfire gleaming
Heard the voicе of that big guitar
The voice of the gypsiеs singing
That song of the Gypsy Dave

Well have you forsaken your house and land?
Your butlers and your lady?
Have you forsaken your husband dear
To go with the Gypsy Davy?
Sing with the Gypsy Dave?

Yes I've forsaken my house and land
My butlers and my lady
And I've forsaken my husband dear
Just to go with the Gypsy Davy
And sing with the Gypsy Dave
She laughed to leave house and land
The butlers and the ladies
But the tears come a-trickling down her cheeks
At the thought of the blue-eyed baby
Pretty little blue-eyed babe

Oh take off, take off your buckskin gloves
Made of Spanish leather
Give to me your little hand
We'll ride home together
Ride home again

No, I'll not take off my buckskin gloves
Made of Spanish leather
Gonna go my way from day to day
I'll sing with the Gypsy Davy
The song of the Gypsy Davy
The song of the Gypsy Dave
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