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Oh, what a change
This is something strange, eh?
Another guy
Senpai’s rather flimsy

I wanna see, if you match to my skill
And if not, glad I felt thrill

You challenge me
With the hope you’ll beat me
As you will see
I will never be beat

Let me give, you two a pretty hard test
Just to prove who is the best

This guy’s a sleazy pervert
(S: Wha-)
Never meant to him cry
But it’s alright
He can handle the hurt
And his anger
He is the guy you wanna mess with

I think he’s more than a toyboy
Weak on the outside
Strong on the inside
Never caught your name
For him, the same
I’ll just call him Senpai for games

(N - B secondary)
My name’s Nagatoro
Just call him Senpai, he’s gonna comply
You see
First year
Second, for him, But I reduced him to tears
(BF’s me
Who are these
Lovely girls
To the right
They seem mean!)
(B - N secondary)
Senpai’s the only guy?
Doesn’t seem right
But he knows his likes
You made him cry
So he feels like you’re the real guy
Yoshi’s small
They’re my friends
Last, Sakura)

Don’t give up yet
You’re so weak… you’re beet red
What did I say?
What?!?! You draw things all day
You need a break, go into the real world
You are lenient, now I’m concerned

He’s such a pervert
Looking at me nervous
His eyes they surf
All across my body

Does Senpai have a tinsy winsy crush on me?
Ganbate, Ganbate, Senpai!
(Good luck, Good luck, Senpai!
He’s pretty red, nothing he had dare said
A timid guy, can’t even take the mic
But that’s alright, do it on his own time
Why, why, do you pick on him?

You’re pretty quiet, when it comes to me
Is my sight? What is it, come on tell me
Are you just open, to cute nerdy artsy guys
I get that he’s your type, talk to me

(N - B secondary)
NO, I’d never date him
What silly statement, I don’t think he meant that
(S: What?)
Your eye
It’s doing that thing when you’re getting close to crying
(Knew it, You are cute
Senpai too
I can see, future’s bringing
New clues)

(B - N secondary)
Play with guys you’re into
Think it’s pretty clear
Based on everything I can hear
Come on, admit it
This is your dream
This is his too, it’s revealed
(No, never
There’s better
Than this guy
But you won’t believe me)

(N - B secondary)
He’s my friend, so touchy
Touching all my vitals
Can’t live in denial
Ganbate, ganbate, Senpai
I can see, marriage is)

(S - B secondary)
Ok, enough, Miss Nagatoro, BF please just drop it

(B - S secondary)
Senpai what’s the deal with you?
Lit your fuse?
You’re so timid, break the shell
Break through, I’ll show you
How to be her boyfriend
All you gotta do’s be yourself
(Wha- I- Huh?
This ain’t fun
Please get off!


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