[Verse 1]
Ayy, ayy
Disrespecting kids up on the beat, ho
Pedo, tryna pick plants before them seeds grow
Fourty-two year old man steady actin like a freak, ho
Age of consent, you was operating below
You the two time back to back
But now we smoking on yo pack
Tell me how you is a dad
But you act like Mini Ladd?
Now you going on vacation 'cause you tryna flee the nation
You was acting hella fragrant, you in utter desperation
With yo' wife, got no relations
You done f*cked up, gotta face it
Sending whispers in yo' basement
Think yo' brain need a replacement
You the doctor obsessing ovеr a kid like Mr. Crocker
Should have blockеd her but instead you turned into a Discord Modder
As a father, tell me how you would have felt if that was yo' daughter?
Caught you where you don't belong, like from Among Us, you the imposter
Tried gaining sympathy on Twitter but that sh*t was just a fail
Only map you'll be designing is that of yo' local jail
Someone call up CPS and get 'em right up on his tail
Getting touchy with your words and I ain't talking 'bout no brail
That's on god
Got a bulletproof vest but you ain't ready for these shots
All these holes in yo' story like a fresh pair of crocs
You investing in these minors like some S&P Stocks
Yeah, you cheated on yo' wife with a kid on Roblox
Not thinking with yo' head, only thinking with yo' crotch
You don't use dating apps, you use the comments on TikTok
6'8" you tryna find a Jack to climb up yo' beanstalk
Ayy, Doc you needa stop
Ayy, Doc you needa—
You had seven years to own up to it
Got exposed so now you do it
Why did you have to go pursue it?
Had it all and then you blew it
[Verse 2]
Uh, uh, oh
Ayy, ayy, ayy
He a freak, he a freak, he a what?
He a freak, he a, he a (Hold up, hold up)
He a freaky ass streamer
He a Twitch whisper god
Freaky ass streamer
He a Twitch whisper god
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Run for your life
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Now let me hear you say
Doctor D
Doctor D
Don't touch me
Don't touch me
Doctor D
Doctor D
Don't touch me
Don't touch me, b*tch (Hey, okay)
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