What U Talkin Bout lyrics



(Intro,T Pain)
Ooh shawty i’m in love
Mustard on the beat,ho

What you talking bout
What you talking bout
What you saying
That i am gay,yeah?
What you talking bout
Are you out
Of your mind
Of your mind

(Verse 1,Drake)
God bless me with my money
K Dot a failure,Kinda funny huh
I’m not a pedo,He a pedo
Kinda funny huh
Bless me with them cars yeah
Idk about 2pac’s ring yeah
Maybe you can get it
Cuz idk who tupac is

(Verse 2,Future)
Get an ATM
Hope it knows what ya talking bout
Tupac’s ring,Everything
You know it’s a million dollas
I brought a zesty man over
And i bought a pink car
Now we can get drunk
At that casino bar
Now from Canada to Texas
Now he goin far
K.Dot kinda funny
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