Nope lyrics



Mustard on the beat,ho

(Chorus,The Weeknd)
I’m like nope
No way
No way,Hosea
I’m like nope
Drake,kinda zesty
And stupid (and he’s a wimp too)

(Verse 1,Kendrick Lamar)
His tantrums are insane
He causes an earthquake
J Cole,J Cole
Loser,J Cole
J Cole

(Verse 2,The Weeknd)
Young little b*tch
He think he cool
Drake’s pretty much a wimp
And he think he rule
Drake and J Cole
The losers that ain’t cool
Better get Tupac’s ring
Off of his dead hand
And make him stand up
If you are really a godsend
(Verse 3,Kendrick Lamar)
Drake’s routine all week
Is being so damn weak
It’s almost insane
That his name is drake
Aubrey Drake Graham
Eating teddy grahams
Those 5 year old cookies
That no adult eats

(Outro,The Weeknd,Kendrick Lamar)
K.Dot wins the game
The weak loses
Especially you Drake
You’re insane
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