"A Better Way"


Children today no longer believe inna your fairy tales
Ey mister babylon
The youths dem today get stronger
And find a better way

Verse 1 - Gentleman :
See them criticising, analysing and back biting
Good vibes dem can't feel, we nuh inna dem delight thing
Dem lighting see dem want fi push away the right thing
Nah go mix up enough of dem fighting

Verse 2 - Ziggi :
Tired of your politics and how the city run
People in the slum without no hope will rise the gun
Haffi make dem know say man ah second to none
Elеment of surprise all dem skin it a go bun


Vеrse 3:
It's been a long time now, still nothing nah change and
Things nah better life just a get lesser
Mi say full time now, yes a fi we time now
Youth dem seek and find now, we read between the line now
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