Still into you lyrics


Say Drilly

[Intro: Paramore]
'Cause after all this time
I'm still into you
I should be over all the-
It's Kosfinger baby

[Verse 1: Say Drilly, Murda G]
Murda got [?] so I'm totin' Rick (Murda, grahh, grahh grahh boom)
That's a opp, bro he better not trip like
Juju on go and he ready to blitz (Juju, gang gang gang)
And Dee move too fast so he hang out the whip
I be buggin' im totin' on sticks (Like what?)
That's a opp brodie pass me the rip like ([?])
Spot me a opp leave his ass in a spliff (Gang gang gang)
I just be buggin' walkin through the strip (Rippy, Rippy)
I just be geekin' tryna catch a hit (Rippy, Rippy)
Yeah I start tweakin' when I see a Crip (Rippy, Rippy)
When I see n*ggas they just start to dip (Rippy, Rippy)
And we smokin on Naz no cane (Grahh, grahh)
Dumb n*gga got hit in his brain (Grahh, grahh)
f*ck that, spin the hill smoke on [?] (Grahh, grahh)
Slide through the Sev, up it let it bang (Grahh, grahh grahh boom)

[Verse 2: Murda G, Say Drilly]
These n*ggas talkin' stay up in your lane (Like what?)
Like wait what's that, that chain (What's that?)
Diamonds they shinin' n*gga you a stain (Grahhhh, what's that?)
Like wait what's that his brain ([?])
n*gga move wock get shot in his face (Like what?)
When he run better pick up that pace (Boom, boom, boom)
Like [?] (Gang)
[?] hit him he thought he was laced (Gang, gang gang gang)
b*tch I'm a demon tryna beat my case (Like what?)
No mask walk up broad day (Like what?)
Oh that's a opp we aimin' for his face (Grahh)
Bullets gon hit him we ain't leave a trace (Gang gang gang)
Man I'm tired of these opp n*ggas tryna act (Like what?)
Like most of y'all mans really in a pack (Ain't do sh*t)
Jacob a b*tch n*gga died with his strap (Jacob)
JayRipK tryna run he got shots to his-
[Bridge: Say Drilly]
n*ggas cap
Speak facts
Never did sh*t for your [?] (Die L)
[?] a b*tch and he never got back (Gang)
Got beat with a stick and he wrote him a rap (Gang, gang, gang gang gang)
And I'm tired of this [?] n*gga on my di*k (Like what?)
He a b*tch he ain't never do sh*t (Grahh)
Free Naz, b*tch he'll creep up walk up on your strip
If he spot him an opp then he'll empty the clip (Free Naz)
Don't run don't trip n*gga we legit (Like what?)
I'm with Louie shootin' out the whip (Louie)
Two shots they drop hit him and his b*tch
Shoulda ran, now you gettin' flipped (Gang gang gang)
Jdot be buggin' leave a n*gga flat (Like what?)
That's a opp put the beam to his back like
Brodie be buggin' get him off the map (Like what?)
Juju my oota my demon don't lack
I don't care who you with where you at (Where you at?)
If you droppin' my sh*t you get clapped (Like what?)
Gun jam up, he get stabbed in his back (Grahh)
And I'm totin' new guns you get turned to a pack

[Outro: Say Drilly, Murda G, and Paramore]
Like grahh, grahh, grahhRippy, rippy, rippy
Grahh grahh boom
Suck my di*k, every O shot, every Flocka shot
Smokin' on Naz
Smokin' on Rippy
Rippy, rippy, rippy, rippy, rippy, rippy
Gang, gang, gang gang gang
Free Naz, free [?] free [?] free the guys
Free the gang free [?]
Free BG, free the guys
-to you, I'm still into you
I'm still into you
'Cause after all this time
I'm still into you
I should be over all the butterflies
And I'm into you (I'm into you)
And baby even on the worst nights
I'm into you (I'm into you)
Let 'em wonder how we got this far
'Cause I don't really need to wonder at all
Yeah, after all this time, I'm still into you
It's Kosfinger baby
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