Ex Nihlo lyrics



(Verse 1)
sh*t gets harder, as the time goes
Thinking back to 2016, where did time go?
It’s those times, when everything seem like the time froze
Weight of the world, surprised how much feelings the time holds

Bunch of emotions
Driving out the city, mom is like where is you going?
Pump 3, I gas it up, and then I put it in motion
pus*y chasing
Those times pull back from my lowest
Or just another way I was coping
I’m hella broken, but I’m growing
I’m tryna find a balance

Like what the f*ck do you do with all this f*cking talent?
I need a check that take a least a day, to fully count it
Bussing through the industry and ain’t no way around it
Tell em that I’m bout it

The hit coming, I can feel it I’m seconds away
Who I’ll become when it all happen, I’m scared and afraid
Remember me as the n*gga who was paving the way

Spark a spliff and have a toast, b*tch grab the champagne
All of my n*ggas from the block, like look what i became
LAX to JFK it’s just another day
(Verse 2)
Red eyes, sex tales, sky lines and wine stains
Never thought I ever get this high man
16's bleed, every time the sky rain
The only way to respond pain

Will Rob change?
Pressure settlin
Tik Tok moves, can’t bring 10 year relevance
Move like a veteran
Never had a letterman
HDR if we discussing lettering

Play the game just to get out
But what's the measurement?
16s or who got the b*tch that gets the wettest man?
Obviously it’s no competitor
Lame n*ggaa who breaded up
I been ready for
My time n*gga, won’t settle for lesser

Done told some many that, that milly coming
Seen it in me, when I was a youngin
Used to think the only thing I needed was that label funding
Buts it’s verses on verses, I keep em coming
They should f*ck around and call me something out of nothing
Told Carter to pull the plug everything, if he ever catch me bluffing
I’m never running, I’m never frontin
Since backpacks and school lunches

To the process we f*cking trust it

Ex Nihlo n*gga
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