[Verse 1]
I'm not being cranky
I just hate this party
Think I might as well
Spend a night in hell
Reading torture magazine
Than pretending I'm one of you
They move wild and carefree
As hip as hip can be
I think I should split
But wait a minute
I feel something in my knees
Is it music or new voodoo?

Can I resist this?
Am I off my head, what's shaking my hips?
Can I resist this?
It's the kind of beat I just can't dismiss

[Verse 2]
It's too early for me
I can't set myself free
Can we sit aside
I'm not qualified
I'm the worst you've ever seen
I'm as groovy as a bamboo
Air crawling in air sea
I feel all eyes on me
They have so much grace
And I'm out of place
Why am I feeling like a queen?
Is it music or new voodoo?
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