Mike WiLL Made-It

"Knock me off"

Cardi B: BARDI, I heard they called for the queen, Okurrrrr, YUH, hell no you can’t use my lipgloss, pop a perc now I’m on lift off ass still fat it’s on Rick Ross, you b*tches make a n*gga di*k soft! b*tch ball like I’m at the tip off, get it wet n*gga then I rub the tip on, rag and bone jeans I can slip off, b*tch I been hot since flip phones, running this game for 3 years guess that’s why my feet hurt, wonder when they bite me, do these b*tches teeth hurt? Yes I am an icon, thats me on yo tee shirt, hoe I thought you knew better do yo f*ckin research, you ain’t know this the “no rip zone” ? This the you can’t beat me zone. Madison square when the knicks home, b*tch I live next door to brad pitts home! BLURR
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