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SleazyWorld Go

(Damn, Rage, you goin' crazy)

I ain't gon' say too much 'cause I ain't tryna go out like YSL (Like Thug)
And Baghdad gon' shoot 'cause he know I'm gon' bond him out of jail (My thug)
Keep him, he snitch rumors, sh*t, ask my [codeine ?][0:20] who I tell (Who?)
I took my four years to the chin, they know that paperwork ain't real (Man, you know that sh*t fake)
All my opps turned into trolls to where this sh*t ain't even beef
You ain't never slid or did no skits, you ain't never hopped out on your feet (You ain't never)
You ain't never mask up like you Jeepers Creepers, hit they block and creep (You ain't never)
You can believe that sh*t if you want, I bet a n*gga won't play with me (I bet a n*gga won't play)
Baby mamas been trippin', man, thеm hoes didn't showed out for the 'nеt (Hoes showed out)
I'm like bet, they gon' be sick when I stop payin' them hoes rent (I ain't payin' sh*t)
I don't call n*ggas for protection, why? b*tch, 'cause I'm stamped (Yeah)
I'm the reason this b*tch turnt for real, if Durk the voice, b*tch, I'm the [?][0:49] (Yeah, b*tch)
I mean spark (Huh)
This my rookie year, b*tch, name another new artist up on them charts, huh (Who?)
And 'bout my chain (Huh), this all I'ma say (This all I'ma say)
To my jeweler a 100K, they said my sh*t was on layaway (What the f*ck?)
b*tch, I'm gon' address it all (Address it)
Let's talk 'bout how a n*gga was tryna sneak them payments to the blogs (Sneaky ass)
Let's talk about them blogs too (Huh), they couldn't even prove that sh*t was true (Huh)
They still posted that fake sh*t so they platform could get a view (I can't believe this sh*t)
f*ck, this sh*t gettin' tricky (Tricky)
Slapped a fifty on the choppers and put glitches on the glizzies (Glizzy)
We put vectors on the clips (Clip), put them hollows on the tips (Tip)
I ain't from the Bronx, when we jump out, we yell out, "Don't run, don't trip" (Don't run, don't trip)
I ain't gon' say too much 'cause I ain't tryna go out like YSL
Don't say too much 'cause I ain't tryna go out like Y—
Like, like YSL
I ain't gon' say too much 'cause I ain't tryna go out like YSL
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