Matt Champion


[Verse 1: Kevin Abstract]
Stop 'em all in the projects
n*ggas taking our profit
n*ggas talking for profit
I'm a prophet, that's [?]
A boyfriend, that's toxic
I want them to stop it
Took a sip and I hopped in
f*cked on my white friends
And learned from my black ones
Yo, I'm definitely my dad's son
With the soul of a Jackson
And the [?] of a Jordan
They rob my n*gga for Jordans
[?] the bleach, plaque golden

[Bridge: Kevin Abstract]
Need me a check
n*gga I need me a check
See how they puttin' my kin in some checks?
See how they puttin' ideas in my head?
I don't understand, go with the plan
Look at my poems, look at my hands
Look at the set, [?]
Dreaming is cursed, [?]
Need me a, need me a, need me a check
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