Skincrawl lyrics


Oh Geeez

From the rubble and ruins
To the graveyards and stones
Said you severed the ties but
I always find my own

I will find you

All the years spent spent in waiting
For my wondrous return
Moving vessel to vessel
Now child, it’s your turn

A survivor of the slaughter
And a soldier ‘midst the dust
Oh, this wretched world is waiting
For savior like us

I will make your

Have your friends heard the stories?
Do they know you are?
Do they know you were destined
To be my hands and arms?

Oh, we’ll need them for thе cover
For the coordinates, for thе door
When the moment comes to pass then
We won’t need them no more, and…
I will make their

Can’t stop this world from turning, can’t un-rip every page
Can’t bring back what I tore away from myself on that day
Can’t rest in peace, can’t e’er be free
Can’t be no more who I wanted to be, but I…

I can make your


I can make your
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