Kevin Gates

"No Harm"

[Intro: Babyy Chris 2K ]
Mike Mixer is in the building

[Chorus: Babyy Chris 2K]
Like I just took a Xanax
I got lots of bars (Lots of bars)
Car from out the planet
Wraith, it got the stars (Skrr)
Here to cause some damage
I don't mean no harm (Mean no harm)
Man, I keep the carbon
Aim it at your heart (Aim it at your heart)

[Verse 1: Babyy Chris 2K]
Jump off top the ropes like John Cena (John Cena)
And I brought the gun just like arenas (Just like arenas)
Basketball balling just like Kobe (Just like Kobe)
Bad yellow b*tch, her name is Tina (Her name is Tina)
And I got another b*tch, she tiny (She tiny)
When she see the racks she start to whinin' (Start to whinin')
I'm just tryna score just like a basketball (Basketball)
Encrusted my watches with the diamonds (With the diamonds)
Encrusted my belt it got the rubies now (Rubies now)
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh
Chop the top in the summertime, ooh, ooh-ooh
Hold up, they forgot, let me rewind it (Rewind it)
Probably on vacation in the tropics now (Tropics now), huh
Louis, my flip flops, I walk like titans (Like titans)
Huh and the .40 on me strike like lightning (Like lightning)
My mink a gorilla and it's biting (It's biting)
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